What is Emergency Lighting?

Emergency lighting is an important part of fire safety, and having adequate arrangements makes up part of the Fire Safety Order. In case of an emergency, such as fire or a power outage, emergency lighting is there to help those in the building to evacuate safely, and also to minimise panic that can occur from being in the dark in such situations.

Emergency Lighting Regulations

According to UK emergency lighting regulations outlined by the British Standard, building owners should have:

  • Emergency lighting for exit signs
  • Emergency lighting in stairwells
  • Emergency lighting in open spacesĀ 

The intensity of emergency lighting is measured by lux. Each area will require a different amount, which can be determined by a risk assessment carried out by a professional.

These standards are to be treated as minimum requirements, as certain buildings may require higher standards of equipment.

Who is Responsible For Maintaining Emergency Lighting?

It is up to whoever has significant control or ownership of the building to ensure that the design, installation and maintenance meets the appropriate regulatory requirements. With ESP, we take everything for you, and offer ongoing support to ensure your building is not only compliant, but is safe, too.

Types of Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting types can be categorised into the following:

  • Maintained – these kinds of emergency lighting are operating at all times. Ideal for: office spaces or anywhere that high levels of light are normally requires.
  • Non-Maintained – non-maintained emergency lighting only operates when the main power output fails. These are ideal for areas such as toilets or stairwells which require the lights to turn on when someone is using them.

Why Choose ESP?

  • Local Experts – our qualified provide emergency lighting in London and the surrounding areas, including Barnet, Enfield and Harrow, to name just a few.
  • Compliant – our emergency lighting products meet all British and European commercial fire safety regulations to keep your business protected, legally and safety-wise.
  • Comprehensive – as well as installation, we are also offer support and maintenance on our products to ensure they are working optimally.

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