Fire extinguishers are a valuable appliance in controlling small fires, so it makes sense for businesses to regularly check for signs of tampering, as well as making sure pressure levels are where they should be.

ESP provide fire extinguisher servicing to ensure your fire appliances are all in complete working order. Fire safety shouldn’t stop at simply having fire extinguishers – their maintenance is a vital part, too. Should an emergency occur, ESP’s fire maintenance service is there to look after your extinguishers.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Regulations

In line with guidance given by British Standard regulations, you should perform a fire extinguisher check at least once every twelve months. After five years, they will need a more comprehensive “extended” service. ESP offer both of these options for your peace of mind.

We recommend that you act sooner rather than later when it comes to checking your fire extinguishers, as a faulty one isn’t likely to be of much use in the event of a fire.

What Happens in a Fire Extinguisher Check?

Our qualified engineers know what to look out for in a properly functioning fire extinguisher. The process of a check usually involves a visit from one of our professionals, who will be:

  • Checking the positioning of the appliances – are they in the right locations as stated by regulations and the law?
  • Inspecting the pressure gauge – has it dropped? Is the pressure level compliant to British Standard regulations?
  • Checking to see if the seals are intact or have been tampered with.
  • Determining if any parts are missing.

Why Choose ESP for Servicing?

  • Local – We provide fire extinguisher servicing in London, including Barnet, Enfield, Harrow and the surrounding areas to hundreds of businesses.
  • Compliant – Our servicing meets British Standard fire safety regulations to keep your business protected, both on legal and safety fronts.
  • Experts in fire extinguisher maintenance – Our team of experienced engineers know what it takes to keep your fire appliances in great condition, so you can leave everything to us.

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