What is Fire Signage?

Fire signage is there to point you in the direction of fire escapes and routes, fire extinguishers, alarms and other fire emergency equipment. They can also give instructions e.g. to keep doors clear, actions to take when a fire is discovered etc.

Commercial and non-domestic buildings are required to have appropriate fire safety signs throughout the premises, and their placement should follow the regulations outlined by British Standard, as well as the law. ESP’s fire risk assessment will provide a comprehensive report on what your premises requires to be fully compliant with both pieces of legislation.

Fire Signage Categories

Fire safety signs can be sorted into the following categories, all of which fall under fire signage regulations required by both the Fire Safety Order 2005, and the broader Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulation 1996:

Prohibition and warning signs – e.g. no smoking.

Fire exits, routes and assembly points – these indicate how to leave the building safely via fire exits and escape routes, and where to meet when evacuating.

Fire-fighting equipment signs – fire signage for extinguishers will usually be labelled with which fires they are appropriate for.

Fire action notices – these signs give you instructions on actions to take upon discovering a fire.

The exact quantity and type of fire signage your building needs will depend on the current fire equipment provisions you have, as well as how your building is laid out. 

Why Choose ESP?

  • Local – We have been providing quality fire signage in London, including Barnet, Enfield, Harrow and the surrounding areas to hundreds of businesses.
  • Compliant – our emergency lighting products meet all British and European commercial fire safety regulations to keep your business protected, legally and safety-wise.
  • Experts in fire safety solutions – Our team of experienced engineers and fire safety experts have a sound knowledge of commercial needs and means that you are in safe hands with us.

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Not only do ESP supply and install fire signage, but we are also able to carry out a comprehensive fire risk assessment to determine the needs of your building. To find out more and ensure your business is fully compliant to fire safety regulations…