Don’t leave it until an emergency occurs – ensure that your building has had regular emergency lighting maintenance with ESP. We keep your business compliant with regulations and laws so your occupants are safe. 

Ensuring that they are all running smoothly with regular testing could make all the difference in an emergency, and we can handle everything for you.

Laws and Regulations

The Fire Order requires your premises to have the appropriate emergency lighting arrangements in the interest of fire safety.

British Standards on emergency lighting regulations recommends that:

  • Monthly tests should be carried out on all emergency lighting.
  • Annual tests should focus on testing the lighting for the full duration, typically three hours. Annual tests should be documented and logged to note function status and any failures.

How to Test Emergency Lighting

  • Monthly testing will require you turn off the mains power supply to the emergency lighting. You’ll need to visually assess each of your emergency lighting units to check if they are working. Be sure to record these in a log book and should you come across any failures, ensure they are repaired as soon as possible.
  • Yearly testing will also involve turning off the mains power supply to the units you’re testing. You will then have to leave the emergency lighting on for three hours, and they should be in full working order even after this time has passed. Again, make a note of their status and any failures, and get them replaced immediately if required.

Why Choose ESP?

  • Local – We provide emergency lighting maintenance across London in areas including Enfield, Harrow, and Barnet amongst others.
  • Compliant – Our servicing meets British Standard fire safety laws and emergency lighting regulations to keep your business protected at all angles.
  • Experts – Our qualified engineers know what it takes to keep your fire appliances in great condition, so you can relax and leave everything to us.

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