What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

Simply put, a fire risk assessment identifies and evaluates the hazards and risks of fire within a building, and can be a blueprint to set out how to reduce the risk of fire. Commercial buildings also require the risk assessment findings to be logged, so ensure that you are keeping a record of them. 

You will need to undergo a fire risk assessment at least once a year, or if there have been changes to the structure or activity of the premises.

So, if your business premises requires a fire risk assessment in London, ESP have got you covered, both on the legal and safety fronts.

What We Do

At ESP, we carry out bespoke fire risk assessments in London and the surrounding areas to ensure that your premises is compliant with legal requirements and regulatory bodies. 

We will visit your business premises and ensure all aspects of your fire safety is included in your risk assessment, so you can have peace of mind knowing that the occupants of your building will be protected, should the worst happen.

Do I Need a Fire Risk Assessment?

It is a legal requirement if you are an employer with five or more employees in the UK. The principle of having fire risk assessments is also to prevent injuries or fatalities that could be caused in case of a fire, so it is vital that your business regularly gets them carried out.

Who is Responsible?

Anyone responsible for the business or building would need to make the required arrangements, as well as documenting them in writing.

What Happens in a Fire Risk Assessment?

This will largely depend on the layout and nature of the premises – for example, the risk assessment for a restaurant could potentially be different to that of an office, etc. The main guiding principles include: 

  • Getting a line plan of the premises
  • Evaluating the features and structures of the building, including emergency routes and fire exits
  • Identifying persons most at risk in the event of a fire
  • Identifying hazards, electrical goods, ignition sources and substances that could cause fires
  • Identifying acts that could cause fire emergencies e.g. smoking near sources of ignition

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